Nomex IIIA Coverall fabric was first made available by Dupont in the early 1960’s and has stood the test of time to become an industry standard for flame resistant clothing, frc clothing and fr clothing for those working around or near electricity. Due to its’ inherently flame resistant properties and durability, Nomex makes a great fabric choice for flame resistant garments. Many of the leading manufacturers have created garments such as Nomex coveralls, Nomex bib overalls, Nomex work shirts, Nomex pants and Nomex jackets, to name a few.

Nomex does not burn like a cotton fabric and will not drip like polyesters, instead it expands while absorbing the heat energy to help prevent heat transfer to the worker exposed to fire or arc flash. A Nomex IIIA coverall and other garments give a worker time to escape allowing the garment to self-extinguish once the worker has been removed from the flame source. These protective qualities are why Nomex is used in a variety of different industries including but not limited to electricians, utility workers, the military, and those working in the oil and gas industry. Basically Nomex can be worn in any industry where there is need for protection from fire or electrical arc flash.

One of the most common garments worn across a variety of industries is Nomex Coveralls. Bulwark manufactures a Premium Nomex IIIA Coverall that is only 4.5 ounces. While many other Nomex coveralls tend to be heavier this one is light providing  an arc rating or ATPV of 4.1 calories/cm2 and falls into Hazard Risk Category one. The fabric is 93% Nomex Aramid /5% Kevlar Aramid and is certified to NFPA 2112 standards as well as classified UL making it good for oil and gas professions as well.

Most notable features include:

  • Two-way concealed NOMEX taped brass breakaway zipper, concealed snap at top of zipper and at neck
  • Mandarin style, stand up, two-way safety collar
  • Concealed snap closure on cuff
  • Elastic waist inserts
  • Two front swing pockets,
  • Two patch chest pockets w/ flaps and concealed snap closure
  • Two patch hip pockets,
  • Left sleeve tool pocket & rule pocket
  • Deep pleated action back
  • Side vent openings w/ snap closure

Comfortable and light this Nomex coverall is great for summer and areas of the country where the climate tends to be hotter.

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