Common sense demands that our role in your protection is straightforward – make the purchase of fire resistant apparel as easy as possible for you.

Everything we do should be done with that in mind.  If you ever see us only talking the talk and not walking it, feel free to take us behind the woodshed.  So, in all matters relating to you, simplicity.  What does common sense insist we do as far as shipping?  Easy, make it free on everything we sell.

Alaska, Hawaii, and International.  While we wish it weren’t the case, because of the usual suspects – greater distance and thus cost – residents of Alaska, Hawaii, and those beyond the United States, must face additional shipping charges.  The beauty of your respective locations will have to make up for it.  Simply, call for a quick quote.

Expedited.  And, of course, there has to be an additional charge for expedited shipping as well.


As with everything at FRC Clothing Plus, the customer leads, we follow.  Payment options are no exception.

  • Of course, we’ll accept the standard credit cards – VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.
  • But, we will also work with you to meet any payment preferences you might have.
  • We can be as flexible as you need.
  • Online payment service – Paypal
  • Money orders, cashier’s checks or personal checks.
  • Heck, if need be, we can even arrange to accept cash, if – for some particular need – you desire to complete a transaction in person in the Philadelphia or Washington, DC area.



So, here come the lawyers.  But, we’ll keep them in check for you.  In fact, we’ll insist they only talk to you through us.

  • You know the products we carry are serious business; they exist solely for your personal protection.
  • Because we are only a distributor, and not involved in the actual manufacture of the items, in the end, we cannot be responsible for their quality.  Trust me, you don’t want us personally making your protective apparel!
  • We are responsible for choosing only the best manufacturers for you.
  • They are responsible for the apparel that stands between you and any harm.
  • Our experience will show you the industry standard of protection based on the information you provide to us.
  • Your employer’s official Hazard Assessment, written by compliance experts who are directly familiar with your work, is the only authority on whether or not the apparel you purchase is compliant.
  • In our position, only knowing what you tell us, and not talking to your compliance experts directly, we cannot be responsible for ensuring that you purchase right safety apparel for your personal situation.

Now that wasn’t too bad was it.  We knew you would understand.  We’ll throw our lawyers back in the dark holes they crawled out of now on your behalf.

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